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Super Dimensional War

Super Dimensional War

By: 萨满网络

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"Super Dimensional War" is a CR-like real-time strategy mobile game, with unique hero skills settings, ever-changing lineups, simple operation mode, and rich PVE copy settings. The gameplay is fast-paced, with a three-minute strategy duel, allowing you to feel the unique charm of strategy competition at any time in fragmented time!

[A large number of natal attendants are on the battle]

The game brings together a large number of popular destinies and a variety of servants. The matchup lineup is varied and uniquely designed hero skills will shine in the CR like gameplay.

[Three minutes to experience the magic showdown]

The pace of the game is fast and refreshing, the duel is tight, and a game only takes three minutes, allowing you to fight anytime, anywhere.

[The Uprising Reversing the Situation Strikes]

Unique heroic secret skills, real-time release of super powerful kills, instantly reverse the battle situation, and make the duel ever-changing.

[Two-pronged approach of man-machine and competition]

Humans and machines also have first win rewards. Players who don't love PVP and like to brush dungeons can also find fun in the game and experience the thrill of the game.

[Multi-line development makes it easy for casual parties to keep up]

Humans and machines, adventure levels, manor resources, and various dungeon activities obtain massive resources and upgrade together to make growth no longer unique and bid farewell to the "liver game".

Super Dimensional War
Hossam Galal

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