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Detective of Brain Hole Kingdom (beta)

Detective of Brain Hole Kingdom (beta)

By: 欧珀互动

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The king passed away, and the whole country was in grief. Rumors indicate that the king was actually framed! Solve the mystery, look for hidden clues, and find out who is behind the scenes and who is responsible for the king who died young.

Waiting for your adventure! Choose your avatar and journey to solve puzzles in the kingdom. Encounter interesting characters and they will help you find out the mysteries of the royal family. If you can meet the traitors of the kingdom. The complete spell and collection will help piece together clues. The store’s resources will also help you complete the challenges you face. Fight against the monsters who try to interfere with your search and investigation!

Can you discover the mysterious clues hidden in the shadows...Can you solve the mystery of the hidden objects?

-Brain Hole Kingdom Detective-

-Beautiful and charming exotic scenery

-Funny but suspicious characters

-Daily rewards

-Various achievements to achieve

-Fight with monsters to collect the leftovers

Detective of Brain Hole Kingdom (beta)
Hossam Galal

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