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Dream Eater (Beta)

Dream Eater (Beta)

By: 塔漫互娱

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"Dream of Dreams" is an innovative casual card battle mobile game, three-minute high-speed duel, auto chess strategy gameplay, bring you joy and excitement game experience

【Fast-paced battles, fighting fun anytime and anywhere】

Who said that the hot summer can only be bored at home? Let's have a super cute auto chess tower defense battle! Break the traditional model of time-consuming auto-going chess. One game in three minutes, buddhist game, play and stop, joy as you like.

[Easy to use, no longer afraid of being abused as a dog]

Easy and simple operation, easy-to-understand guidance for novices, and Q cute game icons, it’s easy to get started right away.

[The hero is super cute, upgrade to Samsung even more powerful]

Super cute heroes are waiting for you to pick them up. The unique style is interesting and cute, and the characters with different fetters can satisfy all your preferences. You can also combine to raise stars during the battle! Come and choose your favorite.

[Fetters are matched as you like, so you won’t be tired in a single row in black]

More than 50 kinds of bond combinations, not only heroes, patron saints also have their own attribute bonds, match your super bond lineup, and show your strategy to crush the opponent in battle!

Dream Eater (Beta)
Hossam Galal

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