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Crazy speed

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"Crazy Speed" is a full 3D casual racing game. Characters from different dimensions come to the world of "Crazy Speed" and fight for their own dreams. The mysterious and dreamy banks of the Star River, the quiet and beautiful country towns, the brightly illuminated night of the magic city... are all your arenas. , Come and enjoy the ride with your friends!

Exquisite and cool game graphics:

We use the industry's most advanced pbr rendering technology to make the material effects and light levels (especially the performance of racing car bodies) reach the mainstream quality of PC games on the mobile phone, and have lower requirements for mobile phone performance than similar games. It's a unique black technology~

Unique vehicle system:

1. The operation is free and diverse, you can choose extremely simple and convenient left and right operations, and can also be matched with different engines to achieve pure manual powerful drift and continuous nitrogen injection.

2. A variety of component assembly determines the performance of the car and different operation methods

3. Powerful racing skills system, freely matching skills, to create your own vehicle type

4. Single-player adventures, multiplayer matches, team matches, ladder rankings, friend room matches, props matches, and sprint matches... everything

As a casual racing game, we are committed to creating a fair, fun, and constantly surprising racing world for racers, giving them the best gaming experience. If you find any bugs and shortcomings in the game, or have any comments and suggestions for us, you are welcome to give us feedback and let us build our racing world together!

Our official QQ group: 592070962

Crazy speed
Hossam Galal

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