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Infinite Labyrinth

Infinite Labyrinth

By: 烁趣游戏

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In the infinite maze, there is only one exit!

In the process of running through the maze, there is only one chance of survival! !

Explore the maze, fight monsters, fight the devil, you are not alone! ! !

in fact. . . This is a Roguelike game that explores the maze and encounters various random events in the process.

After all, the game belongs to the RPG type, and the story of course has:

The story takes place in the world of Soth. The ancient demon king awakens, and the demonized fog erodes the entire continent. The terrain of the eroded continent was distorted, forming countless mazes and various demonized creatures.

In a remote place, a dilapidated old city ushered in a brave man with the power of purification. In order to save the world, the brave set foot on the road of purifying the devil.

After all, the brave man is weak. During the journey of purifying monsters, he found a magic circle that can cross the multiverse. From it, he summons heroes from the multiverse and embarks on the road to save the world.

[Game Features]

1. Challenge the infinite maze

2. The maze is full of random events, and each challenge is different

3. The original captain skill system, how powerful is the team? The captain has the final say

4. Fresh and personalized pixel style and classic RPG taste

5. Still planning. . .

The game is still under development. The screenshots are from the demo. If you want to know the progress of the game the first time, you can make an appointment

Or join the game's official QQ group: 568921269

Infinite Labyrinth
Hossam Galal

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