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Comprehension simulator

Comprehension simulator

By: 灵犀工作室

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"Comprehension Simulator" step by step wrong? Who said that there is only one life, I can’t help my fate, "Comprehension Simulator", which simulates the world, birth, occupation, realm, and magical tools,

Let you enjoy jumping repeatedly among the five major occupations and 64 kinds of birth collocations. "Comprehension Simulator" is a simulator that immortal respect has used all said, hurry up and simulate the path of cultivation that suits you best!

[Game Features]

1. Physical training, ask the universe by different paths

Two major directions, free training, no level, only the realm, the growth of strength can be seen by the naked eye

2. Adventures and chances, immortal roads are long for longevity

Merry anecdotes, expert advice, ancient repair inheritance, great secret realm, no adventure, how can you talk about cultivating immortals?

3. Magic method, combination and matching strategy

Cheats of exercises, rich and diverse, magic weapons and magic weapons, multi-functional, you can choose freely to match

4. Dongtian blessed land, the two instruments and four elephants produce gossip

The blessed earth, the roots of the five elements, the treasures of the heavens and the earth, have everything you need, and only those with great power can live in it

5. Refining medicine and forging equipment, elixir and Lingbao help to ascend

Pills and equipment, self-made, trade in the market, easy to pick things up, restore the real experience of immortality

6. Fairy roads meet, fairy friends and friends challenge and fight together

Place true, hang up lightly, fight with fairy friends, raise fairy friends, never alone on the road of Xiu Xian

Comprehension simulator
Hossam Galal

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