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Swordsman Witch: Hidden World Rebellion

Swordsman Witch: Hidden World Rebellion

By: 闪电互娱

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Since ancient times, there have been alien "desolate souls" that endanger human life, and there are also witches who rely on "Royal Swords" to expel these desolate souls. The witches who carry knives with them are called "swordsmen". They belong to the special sacrificial squad of the Japanese police and are allowed to hold swords. They are people who go beyond general laws and regulations. They are basically female students from five middle and high schools across Japan. Although the swordsmen live ordinary campus life on the surface, when completing various tasks, they will use the swords in their hands to exert their extraordinary power and fight for the protection of mankind.

Swordsman Witch: Hidden World Rebellion
Hossam Galal

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