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Silent (MONOBOT)

Silent (MONOBOT)

By: DreamSmith Studio

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"Mo", the English name "MONOBOT", is a physics-based action puzzle platform game. Observation, thinking, manipulation and trial and error are the keys to solving puzzles.

Play as a little robot called "Monobot", walking through a desolate and dangerous world alone, solving one puzzle after another through his wit, skills and reaction. When the gravity is high, the legless body prevents him from jumping, but its modular characteristics bring unusual solutions.

Game features:

*Gravity determines the height, the jump height is related to the gravity value of the space you are in

*Modular body parts bring different skills and match each other to break through obstacles

* Solve various puzzles hidden in the desolate and dangerous future world

*Unique vehicle and mecha control experience

*The art style is simple and full of atmosphere, making people immersed in the wasteland of the future

story background:

After being ruled by an alien civilization for many years, a small group of conscious and hopeless human elites launched the [God Creation Operation], a plan to establish a refuge for the preservation of the fire of human civilization in the depths of the universe. After completing the initial construction of the base on this distant planet, all humans entered hibernation. Years later, a mysterious force discovered this remote base and awakened Monobot. Everything in the original has become dilapidated with time, where should we go? Maybe only going forward is the answer, even if all he sees is wreckage, but he can only move forward...

Silent (MONOBOT)
Hossam Galal

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