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Bonnie Rabbit is Fantasy Planet

Bonnie Rabbit is Fantasy Planet

By: 游戏墓地

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Let's build a fantasy planet and collect all kinds of rabbits at the same time!

Make a small town full of rabbits? !

Let us build a small town on the moon and make Rabbit Town more prosperous! !

The rabbits finally realized their dream, and they have a planet belonging to rabbits, but the planet is still in a barren state. In order to live a more comfortable life, it must be built!

Now is not the time to dream of a leisurely life!

Send out job opportunities and collect different kinds of rabbits!

When you can make rabbit residents work, make money by building facilities!

Interact with different kinds of rabbits,

Into the daily life of rabbits

Understand the happiness and troubles of rabbits

This is the rabbit's dream: to live freely.

This is the first step towards a leisurely life!

Would you like some rabbits today?

Bonnie Rabbit is Fantasy Planet
Hossam Galal

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