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Unbelievable Three Kingdoms

Unbelievable Three Kingdoms

By: 幻世时空

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"The Unbelievable Three Kingdoms" is a mobile RPG game with an overhead world theme. The gameplay is multi-hero manipulation and real-time combat. There are dozens of familiar heroes for players to control, and the game experience is extremely rich.

The content of the game is based on traditional Chinese mythology, with the modern "incarnation" of the characters of the Three Kingdoms as the main characters, and the world view that is promoted by the main content of overhead fantasy.

The game story takes place in an overhead world. Natural persons and awakened persons belong to different camps. Under the danger of the rebels and the alienation crisis, abandoning the previous suspicions and jointly established the [Floating City] to which the qualified persons belong.

In order to fight against the hidden darkness, mankind finally launched the "Ancient Man" project to use the "Raw Stone" to copy the mighty power of ancient heroes into the body of a mortal.

The combination of extraordinary power and Yuanneng technology has opened the door to advancement. However, the crisis of "Raw Stone" and "Clone Humans" has dragged mankind into the abyss

A "unique" teenager stepped onto the stage in troubled times. Because of the characteristics of "unique", he could not be copied, and became the "light" and "key" of this world.

Unbelievable Three Kingdoms
Hossam Galal

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