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Charge: Heart-stealing thief!

Charge: Heart-stealing thief!

By: 北京粒子互娱网络科技有限公司

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There are only two kinds of scumbags in the world, one is the scumbag in the face, and the scumbag in disguise.

The handsome gentleman turned out to be a married cheating man?

The seemingly infatuated bitter man turned out to be a radish?

The gentle and considerate man who loves life unexpectedly came to cheat the marriage?

Debunking layers of camouflage and seeing the essence of the scumbag

Become a love marshal and convict a scumbag!

Charge: Inconsistent

Charge: No one refuses to come

Charge: Over-reliance

Charge: Treating each other sincerely

Charge: Heart thief! ! !

This is a plot-oriented puzzle game


Always be vigilant

Find clues between conversations

Clues are often unwittingly revealed

Photos, habits, and even the reflections in your glasses can be evidence of your conviction for a scumbag.

Good at using tools

Mobile phones, computers, magazines, and newspapers can all be good helpers in searching for clues!


~~~~Game background~~~~~

You have never had a chance to talk about a real relationship, so you have set your sights on dating sites, hoping to meet your true love on the Internet.

The beginning of the story is always beautiful. You know many handsome guys as soon as you enter the software, but are they really as beautiful in reality as on the Internet? It's hard to draw people and tigers. You have to tear open the layers of packaging on the Internet, see the nature of men, become judges, and convict the scumbags! ! !


Charge: Heart-stealing thief!
Hossam Galal

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