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Battle of the Lords

Battle of the Lords

By: 拍拍熊科技

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Welcome to the world of "Battle of Lords"! This is a strategic business game where a group of people conquer a continent together. In this wonderful world, build the highest fort, lead the strongest army, search for the latest mysterious treasures, and overcome obstacles; make contributions! Whether you want to rule the world or the rich side; whether you want to make great achievements or collect vegetables and fish. Here, you will establish your own unique territory. Harvest your fun!


 Each territory is a brand new adventure. reputation? Treasure? right? All are hidden under the mist, do you want it? Then conquer your territory!


 Build your own unique town in your own territory, drive your workers to mine various resources, build houses and warehouses, research magical technology, build an army to defend your homeland, and continue to upgrade and grow!

Tower Defense

 Remember to build more towers. The defensive tower can not only resist the invasion of foreign enemies, but also help you repel strong beasts. Turn the threat of every wave of claws into gold coins in your pocket, and you will be more and more courageous in the tempering!


 A piece of territory can no longer satisfy you? Expand your territory around, defeat the guardian monsters in the neutral territory, you are the new owner of that territory!


‌Other players hindered the expansion of your territory? It doesn't matter, try to conquer them. There are no players that can't be solved by a meteorite, if there is one, then another one.

Game features

‌★Multiplayer online? Thousands of players carve up the same continent!

‌★Simulation development? Free city planning, your territory is yours!

‌★Business strategy? Workers in various poses are at your mercy!

‌★Tower defense hangs up? Sexy beast monsters attack online!

‌★PVP? Unlimited delivery of meteorite nuclear bombs!

‌★Oh...and...your main castle explodes and there is nothing left!

Battle of the Lords
Hossam Galal

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