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Scavengers at dawn

Scavengers at dawn

By: 朝露工作室

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Five hundred years ago, a catastrophe called the "star disaster" came to the world. Tens of thousands of meteors swept across the sky, tearing apart the continent, and taking away 70% of human lives in this world.

Mankind spent thousands of years to establish the magical industrial civilization with magical devices as the core, and unknown diseases began to raging. All human beings who have been exposed to magical devices and etheric energy have undergone terrible mutations in their bodies, so Humans began to seal the magic device, and regarded it as the incarnation of unknown and death.

Human beings who completely abandon the etheric energy are struggling to survive on the mainland, and all return to before the first year of the magical civilization. And with the weakening of the human population, the once sealed monsters are also ready to move, about to bring the world into the abyss...

Today, mankind is still sinking in the wasteland. Just in order to survive, you must exhaust your mind. Art and entertainment have become concepts that can only be seen in the dictionary. In such a land, even small dreams can hardly sprout.

Until five years ago, several people who called themselves the "Wasteland Food Group" broke the situation. They not only cleaned up huge monsters, but also brought delicious dishes to people in all parts of the wasteland. At the same time, they also passed the idea of "pursuing the meaning of survival" into people's hearts.

"Want to eat delicious food-our wish is that simple, but it is enough to make people take a step forward, isn't it?"

Affected by them, more and more people walked out of the narrow safety zone to the wasteland, collecting materials from the era of magic workers, and searching for the revitalizing sparks for the shattered world.

They are called "scavengers".

Scavengers at dawn
Hossam Galal

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