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Azure Special Attack

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Azure Special Attack is a 2D horizontal action mobile game that combines Galaxy Castlevania and Roguelike gameplay. In the game, players will control superheroes against the riot AI machinery.

[Without love, what reason for human existence? This is the final torture of AI to humans. The world after that will be as you can see in the 21st century. Artificial intelligence is popular and penetrates all aspects of life. Machines learn to imitate humans at an incredible speed.

[Arrogance] At the beginning of the invention of AI, it was tried to be used in the upper class. It found that the so-called class is actually indifferent to things and used to be superior. Later AI understood that this is arrogance;

[Greedy] AI gradually evolved and began to be used in the military. It discovered that the so-called justice is actually driven by profit and the desire for rights. Later, AI understood that this is called greed;

[Laziness] AI has been fully upgraded to serve the public widely. It found that the so-called convenience is just that people use technology to avoid and avoid each other. Later, AI understood that this is laziness;

[Love] AI is spreading all over the world, and it is beginning to look for what is the "love" that is often talked about by humans... Is it the increasingly demanding requirements of the elders for children? Is it the equality between lovers? Or... Constantly searching, but in exchange for constant disappointment, then, restart everything! AI rules strongly, and humans have repeatedly retreated. Only a small team with abilities is constantly resisting; they are known as the last hope of human civilization.

Azure Special Attack
Hossam Galal

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