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Wild Gu Qi Tan

Wild Gu Qi Tan

By: 疾风工作室

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Are you still doing it day after day? Liver liver liver? Come and experience "The Wild Gu Qi Tan", we have enough Roguelike elements, boring and boring? Doesn't exist!! It is a fresh feeling every time, and a different ending every time!

Hundreds of trick cards with different effects, unlimited card combinations, no best decks, only better players, come and find your own martial arts world!


All things in the world have spirituality, no matter the flowers, birds, insects, fish, birds and beasts, after comprehending the laws of nature, they can open up their wisdom and enlightenment and sublimation. In the far West Sea, there is a mysterious and desolate ancient continent, where many orc races live. With the rise of the human society in the East Earth Continent, some of the orcs who used to be hairy and drinking blood had "advanced consciousness". They saw the dawn of breaking through the darkness, especially the existence of martial arts, which gave them the power to arm themselves.

Hundreds of years ago, some of the "pioneers" headed by the Lingming Apes crossed the sea north to the East Earth Continent to learn human martial arts, knowledge and culture. They live according to the habits of human beings, and at the same time, like human knights, whether they are chivalrous and righteous, or happy and enmity, they have achieved a unique arena. However, the beings of the orc race are ultimately untamable and untamed. After the ambitious "Wanguixu" succeeded as the master of the God of Crossing Tribulation, the wind of massacre and the attack on all sects have caused a bloody storm. In the robbery

Under the attack of the gods, the various schools and factions of the ancient continent fell one after another, and the ancient martial arts were unified. At the same time, he sent his minions to sit around to slaughter the martial artists who resisted him, causing a catastrophe. In order to overthrow Wanguixu’s rule and save all souls in the ancient continent, the righteous warriors formed a "martial arts alliance" to fight Wanguixu and his lackeys, and a battle between justice and evil began.. ....

——How to play——

* In different main threads, form your own deck, kill the BOSS, and easily pass the level

*Innovative PVP competitive gameplay, technology and luck coexist

*Endless mode to climb towers infinitely, let you have fun at once

*Pets go into battle, skill matching, and the best role to help


*Martial beasts come out, decks attack, multi deck combinations experience the crushing of IQ

*Multi-threaded tower climbing, random journey through the battle

* Card group construction, strategic card tactics offensive and defensive

* Martial arts training, cool skills to control the audience

*Budo competition, strong against the winner is king

*Horizontal version of martial arts, appreciate the arena of the orcs

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Player strategy exchange group:

Wild Guqi Tan Official Group 1: 665089188

Wild Guqi Tan Official Group 1: 665089188

Wild Guqi Tan Official Group 1: 665089188

Wild Gu Qi Tan
Hossam Galal

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