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Crazy artist

Crazy artist

By: 溪米工作室

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This is a very cute and healing casual game.

Here, you will transform into an alien uncle and accidentally get a super claw machine. In the claw machine, there are countless inspirations and paintings, thus opening the road of counterattack of the waste wood painter!

Game features:

[Catch the doll]

Various styles of claw machine themed gameplay, you can get a variety of blind box eggs with a simple grab!

A large number of cute creatures, artworks, rare paintings can be unlocked in the easter eggs...

[Management Art Hall]

Exhibition paintings, through publicity, attract more fans to come for sightseeing.

Recruit staff and train your own right-hand man.

The decoration of the exhibition hall, a variety of styles, and a large number of decorations are waiting for you to unlock.

Sanitation and cleaning, security guards are dispatched to keep the exhibition hall in its best condition!

Unlock the theme hall, let your fans have more fun, and let your business income rise steadily!

[Wish Hall]

All kinds of guests, from cute babies to white-collar elites, have a secret corner of their hearts.

Through the wish scanner, scan out the wishes of the guests and help them realize one by one.

Different wishes have different colors. Collect the wish bottles to add color to your creation.

[Diy creation]

The original coloring function allows you to take pictures of your favorite colors for the guests' lives!

Share with other players and turn yourself into a real master of art.

[Order business]

As long as there is a need, we will help you solve the problem!

Help customers fulfill various demand orders and earn high income~

[Ocean Restaurant]

Unlock a large number of treasured ingredients from the ocean claw machine, and create a variety of special recipes through whimsical ideas.

Operating a restaurant, allowing guests to have a full meal while visiting the exhibition hall!

[Souvenir synthesis]

Guests will often leave some small objects in the exhibition hall. As long as the matching is reasonable, they can create souvenirs that guests like.

In your own desert memorial, put these souvenirs on the shelves reasonably, and let the guests keep a souvenir~

[Cosmos Botanical Garden]

Many precious seeds can be obtained in the exploration of the universe, plant them, harvest plants, and build your own universe museum!

[Star Resident]

Why are there no popular celebrities in the exhibition hall? Hurry up and find your favorite celebrities to come to the venue to promote it!

[Variety of Life]

With this magical claw machine, how can we be satisfied just to be a small painter?

Our lives can be like this: explorers, real estate kings, well-known internet celebrities, food delivery tycoons, Santa Claus, Frankenstein, five-star chefs, sales kings, interstellar travellers, interstellar strategists!

[Crazy Gacha Machine]

What is the ten consecutive draw? We draw 100 consecutive draws every day, so you can enjoy it.


I have become a god on this planet, and only the endless universe is my goal!

Easily merge and component your own space fleet.

Go to a distant planet and unlock the universe.

Whether it is diplomacy or conquest, friendship or threat, you are free to choose.

Build an alien colony reasonably and let your fans spread all over the universe.

Recruit cosmic heroes, raise biological eggs, and cultivate your own elite army.

Research and develop cosmic black technology, so that your career will have a dimensional upgrade!

So, is this little casual game really so versatile? !

That's right! This is a crazy artist! Constant updates, unlimited possibilities! No liver or krypton! Fun and leisure!

Don't hesitate, download it now!

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Crazy artist
Hossam Galal

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