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"Ren Xia" is a martial arts action game full of Zen but refreshingly raging. It has a very unique attack method and a deep freehand fragmented game narrative. To be strong and to be a hero, to build the world. The game is a story about a martial artist who learns art, with the goal of becoming a chivalrous man, and the final epiphany. May wish everyone a dream, free and easy, look at what happened before and after this life, and pin this renminbi.


-Zen-inspired national style art

-Unique and quick operation method

-Freehand and profound game narrative

-Deep and playable system mechanism

[about Us]

We are BadPixel bad pixel game, we are a group of independent developers who love games. If you like it, please follow us and help us improve the game better~

Our Weibo: @BadPixel-bad pixel game,

Our player group (BadPixel-bad pixel game group): 535568135. Those who play games are all friends~

Hossam Galal

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