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Weird Cat Decryption

Weird Cat Decryption

By: 硬派游戏

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Beauty Illustrator-Guan Chun, the beloved cat decryption game.

We make a fun and interesting little game, cute and weird style, comfortably challenge our brain cells.

Use logic to color the blocks on the grid and show the pictures hidden under them!

Learn how to solve puzzles with a comprehensive tutorial for beginners. You will defeat hundreds of puzzles in no time!

Enjoy puzzles of different difficulty: suitable for all ages and skills, it's fun!

No Wi-Fi required: play games offline anytime!

Discover beautiful pixel art illustrations on different themes, including famous landmarks, animals, everyday objects and movies!

Show off your IQ and let others admire by quickly solving puzzles!

The auto-save function allows you to restore your puzzle solution from where you left off!

Here you will find hundreds of handmade examples to practice your mental skills! Get rid of those endless boring moments, brain exercise will definitely make your wisdom one step ahead forever!

Challenge your logical ability and try to find every elementary art illustration. Pay close attention to the digital clues on the grid, and you will have all the information you need to get a faster solution than the detective!

Weird Cat Decryption
Hossam Galal

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