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Game introduction:

"Alleys Alley Adventure" hopes to give players a simple adventure experience like a theme park, with the British-style small town alleys as the theme of the scene. In the game, the complex elements of general puzzle-solving games are simplified. Players can focus on collecting resources and finding channels, but at the same time they can feel the exquisite art design and the atmosphere of a detective novel. The game process will be free for the player. Go through the chosen puzzle-solving direction, and finally find a way to escape the game.

Game story:

In the game story, "Alleys Alley Adventure" is a set of rides launched by the theme park, like a giant room escape game. Players will play the challenge of tourists in a fictional English-style old town. Explore, collect resources, solve the obstacles of the switch card, gradually discover the story in the alley, and finally open the exit door to leave the game.

Key features:

1. Alley theme

Find hidden passages in the complex connecting lanes, buildings, and sewers.

2. Start the punch card machine

Activate the check-in machine found in the new location to accumulate check-in points and obtain permission to enter some areas.

3. Free game route

Non-linear adventure puzzle game, there is no fixed puzzle solving route, as long as the conditions are met to open the door to the town, you can leave.

4. Collect resources

Freely decide how to use the collected keys and other resources, and which door lock to unlock. These choices will bring you different game difficulties.

5. See the riddle item card

Each prop card is a simple little riddle. You can find its special purpose by understanding the illustration above.

6. Easy operation

No virtual controller is required to operate, just slide and tap the screen to move and interact with props.

Hossam Galal

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