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Little Valkyrie

Little Valkyrie

By: 易美工作室

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"Little Valkyrie" is a mobile game for strategic placement of immortals, which is different from most of the current immortal immortal games. "Little Valkyrie" has many advantages in terms of strategy and richness of gameplay.

1. Enriching Card Strategy

We have implanted card gameplay in the Xiuxian mobile game, card fetters and restraint relationships, forming multiple strategic combinations, and different combinations bring completely different combat experiences. I hope everyone will dig more.

2. Diverse placement strategies

In the middle and late stages of the game, we set up many resource hang-up points, which form a macro-level output strategy choice. Different time periods, different resource points and hang-up options will form different support in a certain family. Into the tendency.

Three, multiple development strategies

The development strategy and resource strategy of the game are actually in the same line. We do not emphasize that everyone is comprehensive in the game. Therefore, in the process of training, we need to focus and choose different resource output strategies. In the long run, they are different. The cultivation tendency will form a different experience.

Four, original career strategy

This is a small original creation. You can choose different professional genres in the game. At present, there are five professional genres in the game: Jianxian, Qindi, Demon King, Wusheng, and Tianmao. Different professional genres will not only bring everyone themselves. Game strategy will also bring more strategic foundations for future multiplayer battles.

Little Valkyrie
Hossam Galal

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