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Nightmare 2

Nightmare 2

By: 游引力

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"Different from the dissociative personality recognition disorder, his two independent consciousness occupy the same body, which is unheard of in medicine. If the Frontier Medical Association can separate the human consciousness and use the flesh as a container, then Kay is definitely a Exceptionally, he is not a container, but a key to open and preserve human consciousness."

——Dr. Grace Rosen

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[Nightmare is coming again]

The dark groups entrenched in the corners of the city are awakening, and vicious serial cases are happening one after another. The remains of the young girl are found in the old castle, surrounded by traces of witchcraft rituals... All of this points to a mysterious black The Yiren organization, and this organization seems to be inextricably linked with the Frontier Medical Association.

As a detective, Kai embarks on an adventurous journey again. On the one hand, he wants to liberate the two souls bound to one body. On the other hand, he wants to discover the truth behind the serial killings, catch the ultimate black hand behind the scenes, and start to start. Heart, dangerous. At the same time, a group of new faces will also be on the stage, arrogant and stubborn young police inspectors, smart, kind and self-reliant local independent female prosecutors, and defected neurosurgery experts with a cold appearance and a gentle heart..

Can Detective K break the curse of the nightmare and push through the fog to explore the truth behind the incident? The curtain of the witch hunt has been slowly opened...

[New gameplay]

Detective Kai, played by the player, will make his own judgments on key choices by interpreting the text of the plot, so as to move towards a diversified open ending. In the game, follow the plot interpretation to enter various scenes for puzzle-solving exploration games, find physical evidence, files and clues, and solve the puzzles in the event to complete the adventure.

This work has added a new decryption link, through the organic combination of scene interaction, reading reasoning, logical splicing and other detective gameplay, to strengthen the sense of substitution of detective text adventure games.

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Nightmare 2
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