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Abu stand-alone version

Abu stand-alone version

By: Sky Whale

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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Won the Bronze Award in the 2019 GWB Tencent Game Creative Competition

*2 people, an independent game developed over 2 years

*Adventure penetration and dive into the back stab kill game

*No sandbox world but random weather system

*Coming soon to open the home planting system


Abu, who was selected by the Hunter King, returned to the tribe and found that the tribe was destroyed and his relatives and friends were taken away by mysterious people. Not only to rescue relatives and friends, to explore the purpose of mysterious people, but also to rebuild the tribe. Can the single-handed Abu ride thousands of miles to accomplish all this? It's up to you.


*Satisfy hardcore, local tyrants and novice players at once.

You can be reckless without fear of death; or unlock hidden achievements to achieve ultra-high-skilled infiltration and non-destructive clearance; you can also use various props to play the enemy in the palm of your hand; you can also unlock all the levels in the level Secret room organs, get hidden rewards; you can also experience the one-click second map to do whatever you want in the level; (Note: Different clearance methods have different points rankings and rewards.)

*Rich gameplay and hidden eggs

The plot is complicated and confusing, and I need your help to pursue the truth. Do you really think what you think? ; Inside the level, there are 4 different weather sites, 8 different organs and 20 different monsters with different characteristics. Outside the level, as more people are rescued, the larger the homeland tribe will be rebuilt, and the more operations need to be made. The more random situations encountered.

Abu stand-alone version
Hossam Galal

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