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Travelers in the Sky

Travelers in the Sky

By: 盛世辉天

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Suspended above the abyss, the sky island continent has suffered from the invasion of "disaster beasts", and the helpless human beings have been at a disadvantage and faced a crisis of extermination for a time.

At this time, mankind found a taboo way to extract the energy of the calamity beast and forcibly merge with the mankind. After suffering a painful sacrifice, he finally created a supernatural power such as the "soul messenger".

These "humanoid weapons" that brought peace to the sky island mainland have paid a very high price for this.

The strong rejection reaction makes the lifespan of the soul angels not more than ten years. Not only that, under the continuous erosion of the energy of the calamity beasts, they will eventually lose their minds and become the calamity beasts, reduced to being feared by humans, and will no longer be raptured. and……

"Why do you want to become a soul envoy? Why do you choose such a destiny?"

"Destiny is something you can't choose."

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Travelers in the Sky
Hossam Galal

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