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"Perspective" is a platform puzzle + plot type game. The game is completely designed and produced by one person, so there are many shortcomings, and I hope players can encourage and support it.

"Perspective"'s ordinary but unique visual perspective principle, combined with the lens rotation mechanism similar to Fez, produces an extraordinary platform puzzle solving experience. Coupled with the weird narrative, the plot becomes the biggest puzzle.

The following is the game experience content you can get in this limited test version:

■ The common "perspective" in 3D games can also bring you an extraordinary platform puzzle solving experience.

■ The 360-degree 4-view lens rotation mechanism similar to Fez simplifies the operation and brings a different sense of sight.

■ A variety of viewing angle auxiliary props, broaden your "horizon." (Currently there is only one item, and more will appear in subsequent chapters, depending on whether you know how to use it.)

■ There is no "gold coin", but only a dialogue, a piece of music, and a kind of emotion, waiting for you to meet and illuminate the way forward.

■ Three styles of painting: aesthetics + science fiction + voxels, making your eyes and thinking constantly jump.

■ The "Wonderful Flower" plot arrangement requires you to use the "Wonderful Flower" thinking to deconstruct the story.

■ If you are careful enough, you can experience the real Oblique Anamophosis in the game world.

In the official version, you can experience more game elements:

■ More common platform jumping puzzle elements

Such as dangerous laser beams, evil huge monsters, etc., although common, but unusual game mechanisms make them unusual. No matter how big the monsters are, they can’t stop you from making them smaller.

■ More fun elements

You will experience the online puzzle solving such as Jonathan Blow's survival in The Witness; pushing ordinary boxes can no longer satisfy you, and even more weird ones are waiting for you; this bucket is too big and heavy, you can’t lift it. Up? It's okay, perspective will make you a magician; want to light a cigarette but can't find a lighter? (Please don’t smoke, smoking is harmful to your health), congratulations, you will have the world’s largest lighter...

■ Final chapter, more Anamophosis

If technology can solve the problem of art, the last chapter will take you into the world of art from a technical point of view (provided that if the previous one is realized, I will try my best...), if you are interested, you can take a look at this:

Hossam Galal

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