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Little Animal Star

Little Animal Star

By: 深圳市创梦天地科技有限公司

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Authorized by Pixile and independently developed by Chuangmeng Tiandi, the super-acclaimed overseas tactical competitive game "Little Animal Star" is finally here! You can choose from more than a hundred cute animals such as foxes, rabbits, and bears, and you can choose from thousands of rich costumes to create your own personalized animals! In the game, you will take the giant eagle spacecraft into a large zoo with 63 other players. There are wheat fields, bamboo forests, rivers, swamps, snowfields, forests, seasides, ice fields and other terrains for your exploration, collection of equipment, and use. Happy props such as hamster balls and banana skins. Fight side by side with your friends to become the ultimate star of small animals!

[Game Features]

---Super cute animal---

Foxes, ducklings, little raccoons...Dozens of super cute animals are waiting for you to claim! Each kind of animal can unlock more than 100 categories through the game!

---Variety of shapes---

Clothing, headgear, weapon appearance...Hundreds of accessories are waiting for you to unlock, dress up freely, and be the most beautiful cub in the audience!

---Interesting taste tool---

Did you throw a skunk bullet or a banana peel when you met an enemy? Are you eating coconut or roasting a campfire if you lose blood? Being chased, get into the hamster ball!

---Characteristic terrain---

Come to the forest to mow the grass, go skating at the Penguin Palace, and use the rich terrain to become the last star of the little animal!

---easy to use---

The unique 2D God perspective, the easy operation to get started quickly, and the exciting and fast game, give you a different happy gunfighting experience!

---Happy to open black---

Regardless of the final result, grab your friends and dance in the animal square~

Little Animal Star
Hossam Galal

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