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The hidden original sin 1-Champs Estate incident (beta)

The hidden original sin 1-Champs Estate incident (beta)

By: 快点文化传播(上海)有限公司

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Welcome to our detective universe!!!

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Some words written before the game goes live:

Let me introduce myself first, "The Secret Original Sin" is a series of detective AVG games. The first "Champs Estate Incident" has been completed and I will meet you soon.

To be honest, the mood of this meeting is quite peculiar_(:з」∠)_ hard to describe. If you have to say it, it is the closest thing to it.

Although we have consciously tried our best to vomit blood in three months and did the best we can do, we don't know if players and friends will like it after going online? Is there anything we need to improve? In short, please speak freely! Although I am a little scared, faithful words are conducive to deeds.

Let me talk about why we do detective AVG games. First of all, this is a small category (personal feeling, don’t beat up if you make a mistake). There are not many works on the market, but there are still many classic masterpieces. Reversal, professor. After playing for so many years, it is a game category that we like very much, and there are so many detective novels, movies, and TV dramas, and we have also seen them from childhood. So unknowingly, the group of us got together and thought, can't we make one by ourselves?

Because I always feel that the detective games on the market are not in line with our tastes, I always want to make a series of special and fun detective games, but I don’t know if this kind of "special" can be liked by the players. , This is also the point of worry... But the good news is that we finally made it out.

Thus, there was the series "The Secret Original Sin". The detectives in this series are not real detectives. They are actors, teachers, and novelists...because of some coincidence, they encountered a murder case and had to find the murderer for some reason (^_−) ☆

Well, it's probably like this, right?

The background of the times is set in a specious era of the Republic of China. Technology is not so prosperous, there are no DNA testing, or high-tech exploration sites. You can only rely on collecting evidence on the spot and asking the clues from NPCs, combining them to make inferences, and finally finding the murderer and closing the case. Although the identities of these "detectives" have changed in every way, the overall idea remains the same.

how about it? Is it the taste of Japanese detective novels that everyone likes when you are a little reading? If anyone can think of it this way, we will recognize the suffering (✪ω✪)

It’s the first time for our small production team to get together, to make a complete game, and to use TapTap for the first time... A lot, a lot of the first time... Is it the experience? Really lacking, in development In the process, many detours were taken, and several times were overturned and restarted...This is not a complaint, but just to say that our sincerity has been accumulated in these failures and restarts.

Moreover, our enthusiasm admits that we will not lose to anyone! No matter how hard and no matter how tired we are, we will survive! In order to be able to make the game of our dreams!

Please support us as much as possible. Don't be polite if you have any comments, just mention it, we will definitely change it! Too late, we will also improve in the follow-up works, and we will definitely make a detective AVG that everyone feels enjoyable!ヾ(•Ω•`.)

In short, I hope everyone can remember our Benge Studio! Looking forward to the next meeting, we can present to all players works that will satisfy more people!

Bengue Studio


The hidden original sin 1-Champs Estate incident (beta)
Hossam Galal

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