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Home guard

Home guard

By: 深圳市天蝎座互娱科技有限公司

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Super popular bow and arrow shooting mobile game: bow and arrow breakthrough, extreme runaway!

(TapTap official discussion group: 1055869401)

For the safety of their homeland, the warriors took up bows, arrows, spears, and crossbows in their hands to resist the evil tribes and races, using extreme operations and powerful skill stacking to defeat full-screen monsters from level after level, and start your own adventure in the era of rampage!

Game features:

1. Bow and arrow blessing, run wild all day

Start with an archer, slow attack speed, but super high damage bonus, with double shots + monster ejection, one person and one arrow can pass through the level without pressure, so cool that there are no friends;

2. Tribe construction, open up wasteland and open up land

Having a fascinating tribe can be built freely, and each building will bring different functions, covering talents, forging, adventure, pets, hunting, etc., creating a personalized tribe can also bring a more relaxing game experience.

3. Enrich your pets and accompany you

Cute triceratops, cute pterosaur babies, and dozing brachiosaurus, dozens of cute pets are waiting for the owner to feed. Each pet has its own individual abilities. With the upgrading and combination of abilities, pets will also form new genres with magical skills and equipment.

4. Random room mechanism, rich room gameplay

More than a dozen completely different rooms correspond to different output or gameplay, and these are all randomly generated. The room type generation is also random, making the whole process interesting.

Home guard
Hossam Galal

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