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T3 (Bonfire Test Service)

T3 (Bonfire Test Service)

By: T3 Committee

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This is a relaxed and casual hero shooting mobile game that is still in the super super early stage. If we want to use a few keywords to describe this game, we have these words in our minds: shooting, multi-heroes, battle, relaxed, young, science fiction. At this stage, you can experience 5 heroes with different styles in the existing 3 modes. (Test qualification acquisition:

The reason why the TapTap Bonfire Test is now available is that in addition to verifying the core gameplay of the game early, I also want everyone to witness the growth of the game, or the addition of new heroes and new models, or the unreasonable content adjustments and deletions. We all want to listen to your thoughts, share our research and development thoughts with you, and make the future of the game more perfect together!

Now, let us solemnly introduce the world of "T3"——

(In our conceived world view, T3 is a harmless league competition (non-real war). The audience watch the game through remote live broadcast, which is more like a TV show. We want to try to use the tone of the TV show host Introduce T3 to everyone. If you feel that the introduction is not good, please let us know.)


No one will miss this entertainment show that is popular all over the world, unless he is blinded by the bear boy next door with a slingshot. We have the most generous bonuses co-sponsored by major leagues, the most secure and advanced technical support, and the richest and broadest competition area around the world, bringing you the most exciting live show. Players will show their personalities and skills here, whether they are fighting individually or competing in teams, each event mode will eventually determine the ultimate winner through confrontation.

♦What are the competition events in the campfire area?

There are currently 3 types of competitions in the open campfire area, and players can choose a more confident competition to earn points!

3V3 Team Deathmatch

The 2 teams are divided into 3v3 to fight against each other. The total number of team kills is accumulated. The team that kills 20 people in a certain period of time will win! Contestants~ Harvest happily!

3V3 stronghold competition:

There are 6 players in the battle for a stronghold. A group of 3 players will have 2 teams competing for the stronghold in the center of the battlefield. If the battle is successful, the stronghold can be obtained and the progress will be accumulated. The team that is the first to obtain 100 progress wins! So how to hold the stronghold (especially to hide yourself and wait for the rabbit, hiding in the corner to give a careless opponent a back-neck kill) depends on the cooperation and tactics of the players!

Personal Brawl:

As the name suggests, an exciting melee is waiting for you! The individual fighting game has a maximum limit of 6 people, each fighting each other, looking for and killing the enemy, the player who completes 12 kills first will win! Here is a good opportunity to get points. Last time someone became famous in this game and completed the instant 5 kill achievement. Now it depends on your performance, guys!

As the tournament upgrades, more areas will be gradually opened. So far, a total of hundreds of players have signed up for the Bonfire competition. Let’s take a look at the simulated landing heroes——


The former professional soldier with firm eyes is now employed by Uray Power Group and is an elite soldier in the field army of Uray. Experienced all kinds of battles, good at using all kinds of weapons and equipment.

Weapon: Assault Rifle

♥ Ellie Chung

A cool-looking snowboarder who is proficient in information technology and is also a female college student, constantly seeking challenges and answers on the road of both style and sports.

Weapon: Double spear micro punch


Sexy and powerful former gang elder sister! After antagonizing the order, she became the community goddess of war to defend the street order after joining the Vigorous Alliance.

Weapon: Catapult grenade


Chasing strong athletes in the strong alliance, they have gained stronger strength after the whole body is prostheticized, and their ambition is to convey the fitness concept on a larger platform.

Weapon: Shotgun

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, and all the players, the T3 Championship bonfire competition is about to start, let us look forward to the standings and welcome the stars in the future!

T3 (Bonfire Test Service)
Hossam Galal

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