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Afterglow is a wasteland shooting game by Lilith. The game is based on the futuristic world of the empty wasteland. As a survivor of the world's electronic zombie crisis, the player settles on the water mobile platform named "Isle City" around the coastline. Players will use cannons on the water platform to be launched into every corner of the unknown world to fight, survive and explore, and collect different objects to build their own homes.

Afterglow provides players with a variety of game experiences, in which survival mode as the first mode will meet the players first.

In the survival mode, players can move quickly through the fast maneuvering jet flight and the energy bounce board in the battlefield.

Prism Military Industry, 9A Military Industry, Murphy Security, and Wasteland Self-Made Army work as the four major military factories in the new world, which will give players different styles of weapons.

Players can drive tanks, multi-footed, flying and other types of vehicles to participate in the battle in the battlefield, and get a refreshing and exciting combat experience.

In addition, the original power system can provide energy for weapons, vehicles, jetpacks, and energy shields, providing players with more combat options in addition to traditional weapons.

After the battle is over, players can obtain part of the trophies as part of the materials for building their own homes. After the homes are built, they can produce their favorite weapons in the homes, and can invite their friends to visit the homes.

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