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Steam Legend: Journey of Time

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Steam Legend: Journey of Time


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[Steam Legend: Journey of Time] is a strategy card game with steampunk as the background. Steampunk shows an overhead worldview parallel to the Western world in the 19th century. At that time, society had just entered the industrial age, and the birth of machines liberated a large amount of labor. The rivets used to fix the spliced steel plates are fully displayed in the game. At the same time, under the background of this era, people's understanding and pursuit of supernatural and magic has reached an unprecedented height. Therefore, magic elements such as stars and gods can also be seen in the game. The architectural style in the game also covers the 19th century Victorian steam-style architecture and the magical architectural style of the stars.

Under the background of the times, machines became more and more powerful, so that one day in the future, the power of evil finally revealed its minions, and mankind suffered the fate of complete destruction by the army of machines.

The protagonists of the game are heroes from different time and space. Some are from the past, and some are from the future of the time. They are all called by self-proclaimed guardians of human beings to gather strength and defeat robots. Stop the tragedy from happening.

Steam Legend: Journey of Time
Hossam Galal

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