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Cangyue War

Cangyue War

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When the world is facing collapse, the only determination is to fight to the end!

"War of the Azure Moon" is a stand-alone tower defense game. Players will play as a traverser to the impending destruction of the world of Azure Moon, and summon the heroes who have traveled through time and space to write a war history to save the world. .

[Dimensional Heroes, Called] Players can collect a variety of heroes with different styles, including those from the Eastern fantasy system and the Western fantasy system. Heroes from two different worldviews will be gathered in the moon over time at this moment. world.

[Place tower defense, combine as you want] Choose different heroes to form your defensive line. Some heroes are good at bursting output, and some games have controllable field reduction. Players need to rely on different terrains to battle different heroes, and then they can easily place them , Watch the heroes reap the line of soldiers.

[Skills gameplay, one key to clear the screen] It’s not enough to have a hero alone. The special artifact skill gameplay makes your defense line as stable as Mount Tai. With just one tap, you can strengthen the hero’s crazy output, or the frozen monster to delay the attack, and even one key to clear The screen, carefree and unparalleled mowing the monsters of the audience.

[Krypton-free collection and easy development] As a card collection game, here, players don’t need to pay large sums or fight European qi, rely on the liver to collect all the heroes, and agree to follow the ease in card development. The principle of placement, players can get a large number of hero training items by hanging up daily, and they can be easily upgraded with one click.

Cangyue War
Hossam Galal

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