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Chang ian•Anshi Eve (beta)

Chang ian•Anshi Eve (beta)

By: 绿河游戏

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"Changan•Anshi Eve" is an independent mini game of maze exploration and battle royale. The game scene restores the Twelve Squares, West Market, East Market, and Imperial Palace of Chang'an City in the Tang Dynasty in proportion, restores the curfew system of the Tang Dynasty, and even restores it. The setting in the minds of netizens is "Xi'an becomes Chang'an after a snowfall".

The background of the game is the eve of the Anshi Rebellion. The player plays the role of an official who is sending information to the city. With a lantern, he shuttles through the night of Chang'an City. The maze, the dark night vision is obscured, the guard chase, the trap, the lucky treasure box, the chase... Can it be blocked? All the stories of An Lushan’s rebellion are happening tonight...

[Game Features]

The most advanced maze, predict the player’s prediction

◆Card vision? When the towering houses obscured your vision and you think there is no road here, this may be leading to success.

◆Small notes confused? The small notes picked up on the road wrote various road guidelines, and 50% of the maxims are planning to mislead you.

◆Re-engraving the scene? You often feel in the game that this road, house, and scene seem to have been visited by me. Sorry, it may not be that you are lost, but that you have come to another scene that is exactly the same. There are crises everywhere on the map.

◆ Flexible box? Some people think that the box is blocking their way, and some people think that the box can block the pursuit of officers and soldiers.

◆The smallest map? This map will not show your location from time to time, let alone tell you the route. You only encounter the map when you are exploring the map, and it only shows the direction of the destination.

Chang ian•Anshi Eve (beta)
Hossam Galal

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