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Xuan Nv Zhu Demon Record

Xuan Nv Zhu Demon Record

By: 青岛三脚猫工作室

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"Xuan Nu Zhu Mo Lu" is a traditional style of 2D action adventure game. In the game, there are six huge worlds with different styles and interlocking connections. Players will explore decadent temples, deep magic palaces, hot caves, majestic towers, mysterious city tops and dark abysses. Players will fight with many monsters, get to know and help the innocent, and finally go deep into the hinterland of the magic city to defeat the demon king and save the world.

Game features

-Meticulous 2d hand-painted art:

All the materials in this game are done by hand.

-Beautiful and lovely girl

The protagonist of this game is a young, beautiful and martial cute girl with over 200 frames of fully hand-drawn animation.

-Rich 2d action components

In the game, the player can manipulate the protagonist to move, jump, double jump, sprint, climb, hang, combo, use spiritual power and many other actions.

-Explore a huge intertwined world

The player's adventure will unfold in many connected and intertwined worlds!

-A variety of strange enemies with different styles

Many different monster enemies! Face and kill the most evil monsters in the adventure!

Xuan Nv Zhu Demon Record
Hossam Galal

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