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Star Hunting Project

Star Hunting Project

By: 魔力猫工作室

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In 2200 AD, the earth captured a probe, which was determined to come from outside the earth, and the age of the aircraft was about 1500 years...

The earth and the humans on this planet may have been discovered by extraterrestrial civilization...

There is not much time left for mankind...


Explore unknown galaxies-uncover the suspicious clouds on the star chart.

Search every planet-the mystery of the origin and future.


Establish a galaxy base-spread the influence to the entire galaxy.

Colonize habitable planets-sow the seeds of human civilization.


Scientific research is the primary productive force-unlocking the door to high-dimensional civilization.

Construction to improve production efficiency-steadily develop the goal to achieve financial freedom.


Leaders are the foundation-to raise the level of the organization and cultivate high-level talents.

Traits are the key-collect the seven deadly sins and create the most evil and the most good.


Escape the dark forest law-build a five-fold combat star fleet.

The dimensionality reduction strike is coming-uniting parallel universes and changing their lives against the sky.

Star Hunting Project
Hossam Galal

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