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Little aquarium

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Change as you wish and create the aquarium of your dreams.

Fishing, expansion, and upgrades, as long as a little time is spared every day, the little fish can survive better. As long as it is to grow the aquarium, there is nothing wrong.

The little aquarium in summer is romantically opened immediately.

[Game Features]

◆A big collection of cute and cute marine creatures!

From adventure fishing to fantasy collection, this is a must-have game in the mobile phone of machos. It will bring you a deep experience of the Japanese style, fresh, super healing and cute painting style, hermit crabs, sea elves, sunfish...collecting Q cute fish. Who can control the matter? !

◆Explore the fantasy ocean world

Go to various oceans and rivers to capture more than 100 kinds of creatures, and bring the most mysterious undersea stories back to the aquarium to pass on to all tourists. The most decompressed fishing method this year, you must not miss it.

◆Hold an ocean show!

Host a "dolphin show" in your aquarium! Tap the floating love bubbles, and bring marine performances to the audience with all kinds of fishes! The little fishes are also contributing to a better tomorrow for the aquarium!

【Aquarium Rules】

1. Use a fishing rod to fish in the sea and harvest new species

2. Display and decorate the creatures in the aquarium

3. Set up souvenirs to increase sales and upgrade equipment

4. Be kind to the beautiful marine life~

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Little aquarium
Hossam Galal

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