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Reincarnation Abyss

Reincarnation Abyss

By: Screambox Studio

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"Ancient Abyss" is a 2D Zelda-style pixel action game. You will explore and fight in an abyss maze with a lot of interactive elements. With the deepening of exploration, you can acquire more abilities and props to help you reach more secret areas in the maze. After you pass through the layers of obstruction and reach the bottom of the abyss, you will discover the most mysterious and dark power hidden in this world...

The game has exciting battles and permanent deaths in Roguelike games, as well as the fun of exploration and discovery in 2D Zelda games.


· RogueZelda: an action game that combines RogueLike and 2D Zelda elements. Players can experience the fun of exploration and discovery in randomly generated mazes, and the game has both the replayability of RogueLike games and the intense and exciting permanent death experience;

·Exploration: The game is full of inaccessible and hidden areas, but players have the opportunity to master new skills and obtain new props at any time in the game, and these new abilities can help players explore a wider world and discover hidden areas in the maze Treasures and secrets.

·Exciting combat: melee + long-range selection of dozens of special weapons, to build different styles of play and combat experience;

· 2D world of dynamic light and shadow: The game is realized by 2D technology, with intuitive and smooth animation and dynamic light and shadow effects, creating an excellent visual experience.

Reincarnation Abyss
Hossam Galal

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