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Huakai Yimengge

Huakai Yimengge

By: 爱的番茄

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----Game Introduction----

Originally you were just an eccentric cardamom girl, but since you came to Peking, the door to the new world has been opened like this... As a boy of Yi Mengge, you took over the Yi Meng transaction and recalled it with people, To fulfill one's wish... In a dilemma, you gradually grow.

Here, you have met many friends, Yu Junbai, the master of Yimeng Pavilion who has always treated you like a father and brother; a cute young tiger who has always been with you; Du Ziliang, a Peking marshal who is rebellious but sincere to you; frivolous and unruly. Wei Chi Xingshu, the owner of the impenetrable smile; Chen Shuhong, a polite newspaper reporter; and the pure-hearted foreign priest Graystone.

And gradually, you discover that they all have another hidden identity, and their purpose of approaching is not simple...

Along the way, you will experience many adventures and adventures. In these experiences, your abilities have gradually awakened...

The year of great evil is coming soon, your choice is related to the fate of this world...

The world of different dreams, where to go, are all within your thoughts!

----Featured gameplay----

[Store operation, dreams are easy to dream]

Yimengge — a place where memories exchange hope and dreams

In the lobby of the medical hall during the day, you will be treated and rescued, combined with "Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases" to take you to understand different symptoms; then you can step onto the Yimeng Pavilion on the second floor and have a "dream-by-dream" with customers, and trigger the Yimeng story. Hundreds of Yimeng stories taste the ups and downs of the world. Whether traded or not will change the destiny of the traded. Is it a bright hope or a dark abyss?

[Free love, multiple endings]

A romantic love in the Republic of China is being staged~ There will be 6 different handsome male gods waiting for you to capture in Yimengge, where you can have in-depth love development with them, from the main storyline to the scene interaction, and then to the cultivation of goodwill , Let you experience the love story immersively! The main story is rich, and there are as many as 12 different endings, you can play freely!

[Sweet dress up, exclusive image]

Want to be a unique heroine? Yimengge will satisfy you~ over 100 sets of costumes for you to choose from! Hairstyle, facial features, makeup are up to you, and the tops, bottoms, and accessories are individually matched to create your own customized image.

[Guardian Spiritual State, Unlock Spiritual Pets]

In Yimengge, you can harvest male gods to become your partners, and each male lead has his own companion guardian spirit. The guardian spirit can also trigger over 300 different interesting stories. Collect different partners and spiritual states in the game. Different partners have different appearances and their own stories. They can also bring you various unexpected gains!

Huakai Yimengge
Hossam Galal

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