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Sanqiu Restaurant

Sanqiu Restaurant

By: HelloMeow工作室

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【story background】

There is a Xiangjian Street at the foot of the imperial city, and there are a group of craftsmen from all over the world.

The busiest part of the street is a restaurant. The specialty snack is called "You Peng Noodles"-under the sour bamboo shoots and mutton shredded soup, the mutton is tender and stinking.

According to legend, a certain emperor made a patrol in Weifu and suffered severe rhinitis while passing by. He was attracted by the smell. After drinking all the braised soup, he was refreshed and his nose cleared. After that, the four characters of "Fengtian Shengfan" were written by Yubi.

The restaurant owner is called Sanqiu, a lazy beauty who never cooks on the stove. The guests came, boil their own water, cook their own noodles, and mix their own stinky stewed soup.

There is also an old cat named Taotie who lays on the counter all the year round, watching the world with its small eyes, paying attention to the people coming and going in the restaurant and all kinds of stories.

【game introduction】

On-hook + simulation operation

Explore the map and get ingredients

Cook dishes, unlock recipes

Encountered strange guests and stories

Sanqiu Restaurant
Hossam Galal

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