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Yingyue City and Electronic Ji

Yingyue City and Electronic Ji

By: 幻刃网络

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Yingyue City, a paradise-like super city,

Only the selected residents live here.

Everyone submits genetic data and accepts electronic brain modification,

Live an extremely convenient life with the assistance of bionics.

...Until the emergence of a virus known as the "Hongchao",

Why are they going crazy?

Why are we isolated?

There are more important things than the answers to these questions for people to care about.

But our top priority is still, under the leadership of the analog and digital industry,

Eliminate the regenerating infected body and rebuild the paradise!


——Trying to access the personification avatar——

——Permission, through——

——The voice character conversion function has been turned on——

——The adaptation of the input device and the video monitor is turned on——

——Welcome back, Investigator No. 10042——


Yingyue City and Electronic Ji
Hossam Galal

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