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General Jiuyou

General Jiuyou

By: 雷霆游戏

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"The Nine Nether Generals" is recommended by the famous writers of the "River God", "Tiankeng", "Ghost Blowing Lantern" series, and "Touching the Golden School Captain" series. It is an adventure treasure hunt authorized by the world's ninety-nine editions. Mobile games.

In the game, you are the "archaeologist" who has been missing for a long time. You have lost all the memories in the tomb and rescued from the tomb by Hu Bayi and Wang Fatzi who went to the tomb to explore the secrets. Since then, I embarked on an adventure with the archaeological exploration of the Iron Triangle and finding my own memories.

[Game Background]

In order to explore the truth of history, you follow the professor to the front line of archaeology. As a researcher, how can you believe that there are things in this world that cannot be explained by science? The sinister tomb? Come in!

But who knows that this advance is a life of nine deaths, zombie dumplings, toad poisonous flowers...all dangerous and deadly. In a trance, you fainted in the ancient tomb. Fortunately, Hu Bayi and Fatty Wang found out, only to get your life back.

Although he survived, his memory was lost. With the help of Hu Bayi, Fatty Wang, Shirley Yang and Da Jinya, you begin to search for clues and memories, and the story unfolds...

[Classic plot, shuttle classic scenes]

You, who have been given the mission of entering the ancient tomb, start a journey into the mysterious underground world. Explore the dark and unknown underground world, return to the savage ditch of Ganggangyingzi, the ghost grave of Longling Miku, the bottomless ghost cave of the ancient city...Turn the compass in your hand and recite the sixteen-character feng shui secret Shuju. Be immersive, explore unknown ancient tombs, and unlock the curse of dust.

[Partners follow to form the strongest gold touch team]

Together with Hu Bayi, Wang Fatty and Shirley Yang, they form the strongest gold-finding team. Together they will live and divide or die. The more the tomb of the princes and generals, the more dangerous it is, but there are countless treasures and secrets hidden in danger and Jedi. Survive, lead your upside-down team, break organs, fight zongzi, and win your wealth!

[Survival sandbox, freely collect and build homes]

It is not easy for a person to survive in the wild. Hunting, collecting stones and wood, and building a home that can shelter from wind and rain! As for what style of home you want to build, it's all up to your ideas, but pay attention, beware of the invasion of beasts and enemies! Making different artifacts can also help you in your adventure.

[Antiquities trading, the sinister tomb is worthwhile]

The deadly danger is with the treasure, the sword of the Yue King Goujian, the bronze with the Western Zhou Dynasty... They are true or false, and they will be revealed to the antique dealers to discover precious antiques and peerless weapons, and the fog behind them is being exposed layer by layer. open.

General Jiuyou
Hossam Galal

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