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Idol Dream Festival 2

Idol Dream Festival 2

By: 乐元素科技(北京)股份有限公司

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"Idol Dream Festival 2" is an all-round immersive music mobile game for raising idols. It is a blockbuster sequel based on the IP worldview of Idol Dream Festival. All members of Yume no Saki set off again, and 49 beautiful teenagers with different styles. , To form 14 high-value combinations to meet the needs of different players.

Ingenious 3D music images, wonderful game plots from famous plays, super-luxury seiyuu lineups, experience the idols up close, fully display "everything about idols" and bring a unique immersion Style experience!

The pre-download will start at 10:00 am on November 26, and the public beta will start on all platforms at 11:00 on November 27.

The idols look forward to meeting the producers every day!

[Get close to him and experience the super-real 3D LIVE]

In this mode, players can experience the rhythmic audio game with a super-real 3D character's concert scene as the background. You can choose from four difficulty levels. Whether you are a handicapped party or an audio game master, you can find your stage! At the same time, you can also enjoy the luxurious 3D MV performance and the concert brought by the idols with full of personality!

In the game, players are allowed to freely set C position and other performance members, dress up and match their idols, enjoy the exclusive SPP performances brought by their picked idols, and bloom a unique star brilliance!

[Laughter intertwined with tears, showing a touching bond]

The plot of "Idol Dream Festival 2" inherits the story of "Idol Dream Festival". It is written by the well-known light novelist "Rai Ri Ri". The idols formally move from campus to society, but the process of growth and transformation is not smooth and always full With all kinds of doubts, hesitations, laughter and tears, they staged different fetters stories every day in the chorus square, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in it, and affect their hearts every minute and every second!

[Top seiyuu lineup, sultry voice]

Midorikawa Hikari, Kaji Hiroki, Kakihara Tetsuya, Morikubo Shotaro, Maeno Tomoaki and more than forty first-line voice actors presented their voices, interpreting various voices, bringing a full range of auditory feasts, and the gospel of voice control. There is always one to make you Heartbeat!

[Customize an exclusive idol daily, his life is up to you]

Players can arrange a variety of furniture in the idol office to create an exclusive idol home. There are not only a wealth of theme suits for players to decorate, but also a lot of super cute idol special furniture matching behaviors! The shaved ice stall on the beach eats delicious shaved ice, and the cozy bedroom wears furry blindfolds to scream... The exquisite action details seem to be in the life of an idol, which makes people want to stop!

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***Compatibility requirements***

System requirements: iOS 9.0 or higher.

Recommended equipment:

iPhone 7 and above series devices. iPad mini 4 and above series devices.

Idol Dream Festival 2
Hossam Galal

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