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Purcell Classic

Purcell Classic

By: 上海淘米网络科技有限公司

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"Sale Classic Edition" inherits the pure experience of the PC-side page game, inherits the page game data and truly maintains the interoperability with the page game data. The game screen is newly upgraded, with a panoramic view of the elves; the historically popular elves and the active resident elves are competing on the same stage; the 12 rounds of classic events return to glory; the peak league is ready to fight at any time. Strategies, tactics, operations, synchronizing the wizard tactics of the Purcell page game on the mobile terminal to cultivate fun.

New and old Purcells, welcome to the Purcell classic version, with passionate youth, it's time to meet childhood!

Core features:

1. Page game data interoperability

Pure experience, play at your fingertips

2. New upgrade of picture quality

Panoramic view of fine art texture

3. The wizard is at your fingertips

Historical and active elves each other

4. Reappearance of classic events

Twelve rounds and other gameplay return glory

5. Pinnacle League Showdown

Enjoy fair competition anytime, anywhere

Purcell Classic
Hossam Galal

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