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Dream Westbound

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Dream Westbound

By: V+游戏社

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A MUD placed Westward Journey

【Journey to the West】

Really restore the map of Chang'an

Four Great Continents, Heaven and Earth Palace, a complete Westward Journey World

[The Tudou server was blasted by liver, who did it? 】

Protagonist training, skill upgrade

Equipment building, partner development

Journey to the west, all materials can be brushed

I have worked hard for many years, the liver has become less, and I have become stronger

[Why did the official store sold out overnight? Which local tyrant did it? 】

Tiancai Dibao, to create materials

Skill exercises, mount dress up

Go shopping and return with a load

Don’t ask me why the damage is high, ask is the money ability

[Why are there a lot of salted fish Buddhas to cultivate immortals? 】

Collect vegetables daily, put on the hook

Chang'an wage earners, old fishing driver

Life players can also become stronger, forgetting the path of learning

Want me to explode? Drink tui!

[Why the game official bankruptcy for no reason? 】

Journey to the West with zero yuan, self-sufficient

Traveling through the three realms, full of opportunities

White p is cool for a while, always white p is always cool

A person like me who can find the best in shopping, needs krypton gold?

[Behind all this]

Is it the madness of the players?

Or is the official too stupid?

Stay tuned for the game-"Dream Westbound"

coming soon! Reveal the secret for you!

Official group: 992503921

Dream Westbound
Hossam Galal

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