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Pixel Crisis

Pixel Crisis

By: 雷霆游戏

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"Pixel Dangerous City" (Overseas name: Doomsday Hope) is a pixel-style wasteland survival action game. High-precision pixels create a big world of wasteland. Here, players will play the male protagonist as a retired special force. In a world where monsters are rampant, they will start one after another as refreshing grass-cutting battles; search, collect, and create a wealth of Materials, to build equipment and weapons, so that you can survive here; at the same time, in this world, you will also operate refuges, save more humans, and jointly defend against extraterrestrial creatures.

[The cool appearance of the new mecha wings soars into the sky]

The mecha system has evolved again, equipped with cool wings, and ushered in the final transformation form. The three wings of attack, defense, and life can be switched at will, and the combat power is greatly increased, helping survivors to challenge deeper monster positions!

[New season starts with new pets and new skins]

The new season will start immediately, and you can unlock more new rewards by upgrading the season level, and experience the first special effects fashion "Ghost Rider" in the dangerous city! There are also three new powerful cute pets, pug dog, fire-breathing dragon, and elf, to strengthen the combat power and at the same time, meet the needs of collection and control!

[Fighting into space in a new campaign in a cool mech]

The construction of the space program is completed, and the mech is driven to outer space! In order to find a safe place, you will take a spaceship to the space station, but the infected monsters remaining here do not welcome your arrival. Go deeper, collect materials, make cool mechas against powerful monsters, and ignite the battle of mechas in the universe!

[Cross out of the sea of monsters with one enemy and a hundred, cut the grass refreshingly]

Bring your weapons and start exploring the huge wasteland world built by pixels. Unreasonable monsters are wandering everywhere, they wantonly attack and plunder on this land. And our goal is clear: to sweep all monsters in the way, live in this wasteland world!

【Operate refuge planting and collection, develop technology】

Discover camps and refuges! There are uncontaminated plants in the camp, take care of them, water them on time and remove insects. They are an important source of food; of course, don’t forget to operate the shelter-it will become a strong support base, with only more survivors Together, humans can continue to continue in this world.

Armed with wings, soaring into the sky, survivors, are you ready?

Pixel Crisis
Hossam Galal

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