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Animal Friends: Kingdom

Animal Friends: Kingdom

By: 北京攸乐科技有限公司

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*Game introduction*

"Animal Friend: Kingdom" is officially authorized by KFP genuine, is a two-dimensional card mobile game with ejection strategy + card innovative gameplay.

*How to play*

-Meeting friends on a journey of warmth and miracle-

The number of first animal friends is 20+, all characters are unlocked, dynamic vertical painting, Chinese and Japanese painters cooperate, the original voice actor lineup, and the unique friends of this game have joined them.

-Explore the truth in the unknown adventure park-

After the disappearance of human beings, the natural environment gradually eroded the artificially constructed buildings, and the secrets of human survival hidden in the kingdom will gradually be revealed.

-Strategic battle fingertips catapult to deal with crisis-

Multi-scenario map. Players can judge the pros and cons of the final landing point according to the ejection angle, strength, wind direction, and experience different types of monster confrontation strategies in the corresponding fields of different species of beasts, such as water, land, and air.

-The magical picture book makes the most special friend-

The "Friends Picture Book" records the habitats, species, endangered attributes and life attributes of animals. Create breakthroughs in character skills and potential according to the characteristics of animal friends, unlock new images of friends, and get unique habits and effects of friends!

-Gathering and visiting to meet new friends every day-

In the protagonist's search for himself, travel through the kingdom, meet new friends, and make use of their 5 characteristics, such as healing, stopping, offensive, aid, and protection, to make each of them show their magical powers!

-Enriched monsters to understand logic and outsmart difficulties-

Numerous azure monsters with different forms and unique fighting logic are waiting for the challenge. Only by understanding their action logic can they reasonably formulate a winning strategy!

-contact us-

Welcome to join the official community, follow the latest intelligence and welfare activities, if you have any questions, you can communicate with the official in the community~

Official QQ group: 1148093896

Animal Friends: Kingdom
Hossam Galal

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