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Others i End of the World (beta)

Others i End of the World (beta)

By: 昆布科技

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This is a story of unrequited love that belongs to us who are not very cheerful, full of escape, cringe, timidity, and unrealistic.

Yuan Jiyao, the ordinary protagonist who is accustomed to living under the aura of others, fell in love with the iceberg beauty named Shen Yan at first sight with the talented and well-earned roommate Hua Ang. Unable to restrain his unrealistic and extravagant expectations, he made a choice. However, a series of setbacks kept shaking his determination. While falling into a hopeless unrequited love, he also encountered all kinds of people who were plagued by unrequited love just like himself. In addition, he also needs to think about another thing-is his feelings true love, or just obsession with asking for it?

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Game discussion group [others are super few in the world] (full): 296034704

Game discussion group [2 groups at the end of other people's world]: 1091655693


Shen Yan: Moonlit Bridge

Mu Zhu Ying: Shen Nian Ru

Zhao Shi: Blue Damselfly

Qiao Qianmei: Ye Zhiqiu

Huaang: Bright moon shines on acrylic

Yang Yuxiao: She slows down

Chen Weiran: Feng Ming

Procedure: ink tube

Script: Ke Mi, Wun, Lan Lian An

UI design: Luobei Tianqing

Others i End of the World (beta)
Hossam Galal

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