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Battle of Iglia

Battle of Iglia

By: AlphaStudio

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The world of "Iglia" is made up of a land in the northern hemisphere and some other smaller land. The continent of the northern hemisphere is divided into two by the Giant Mountain Range, and the place to the east called the "place of praise" is the origin of all stories.

In a piece of land, there are 23 forces with different styles, and players can choose one party as their ruler. Through internal affairs management, development of strength, diplomatic game, battle on the battlefield, dungeon adventure, etc. to make yourself stronger

The game is designed with 225 heroes, who can be obtained by searching, lobbying and capturing them. Some of these heroes are unparalleled in wisdom, some bravely crown the three armies, some are sinister and cunning, some are despicable and shameless. Use their abilities flexibly to become a qualified ruler. Many special heroes have their own exclusive artifacts, which can be unlocked only by completing their own quest lines.

There are also 55 units designed in the game, and each unit is mutually restrained. Reasonable collocation and formation are the way to victory. There are also many special units with powerful capabilities; the incarnation of justice-Kanu swordsman, guardian of the temple-glorious knight, the top of magic-the wizard of Lorraine and so on. These special units need to meet certain conditions before they can be unlocked.

Finally, I hope everyone can be happy in the world of "Iglia".

"Before time and matter appeared, there was nothing here. Ella opened a door and entered this void. But she was very sad because it was desolate. Then she lay down like a sleeping lady In the chaos, a long time passed in this way, and her body began to separate. The body created the god of order, Konet, and the blood created the god of chaos, Asnet. Together they felt the sadness of their mother, so order and The fusion of chaos created time. This emptied world began to turn, change, and tear. A vast universe was born. At the center of this gorgeous new universe, the gods of order and chaos chose a planet and put him It became the most beautiful pearl in the universe-"Iglia"."

Battle of Iglia
Hossam Galal

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