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Mysterious small shop

Mysterious small shop

By: Neverland

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"Strange Little Shop" is a Chinese-style pixel-style simulation business game~ You will play as the store manager. During the business process, you will face the test of business strategy, which is very "brain-burning" ~ there are also fun "stalks" "And an interesting story~

Four elements of making profit:

1. Personnel Management

Make good use of your employees’ free time and don’t get full; it’s easy to recruit, but expensive to open.

Once you become a manager, employees will not work directly, so be cautious about promotion

2. Commodity mix

Wanglaoji Herbal Tea + Sanlu Milk Powder Can Increase Popularity

Wanglaoji herbal tea + Sanliu cold spirit can increase sales

A product cannot be split and put on the shelves. Think carefully about the attributes that are most urgently needed by the store at each stage in order to make the best use of the product combination to improve sales

3. Store building

The original inventory can hold 200 items, and before the inventory reaches the top, try not to buy the warehouse

Expansion of the store will inevitably require a lot of investment and short-term losses. Before building a building, check the deposits

Commodity sales and service industries should pay equal attention to each other. It is not feasible to just open a "foot washing city"

4. Pray for God to worship Buddha

Business trips have the opportunity to obtain various facilities and cheats. An adventure may save all the facility costs in the early stage.

Qiyu's staff training speed is 100 times faster than sweeping the floor and collecting money

Travelling for work expenses is very expensive, too "wandering" may lead to bankruptcy

Summary of the plot:

No spoilers!

(Well, let’s talk a little bit. In the end you frustrated the M&A plan of the most powerful businessman in Chinese history and continued to run a small store happily)

On the basis of simulation management, various things and adventures will happen~ You can enjoy the fun of being a boss~

As the small owner of the commissary, players not only have to consider various factors such as store popularity, customer reviews, etc.~

Putting the time forward 20 years, you, as a failed entrepreneur, return to your hometown in the second and third tier cities. With only a small amount of savings around, took over a very ordinary small grocery store,

Started your legendary life as a shop owner...

Mysterious small shop
Hossam Galal

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