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out of control

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out of control

By: 奥创互娱

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As the first two-dimensional SLG game in China, "Out of Control" will bring you an unprecedented immersive gaming experience, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of being sought after by the two-dimensional ladies. Enter the commander's base camp immediately and experience the latest game content!

In order to satisfy everyone's wishes, following the dubbing of a well-known Japanese voice actor led by Hanazawa Coriander, Out of Control once again specially invited a number of top domestic CVs to join the game! Ji Guanlin, Shanxin, Yutou, Tao Dian, Xiao N, Crescent Bingbing and other young ladies will bring you a more numbing game experience!

Hurry up and download the game and listen to what the ladies want to say to you! \(^o^)/

out of control
Hossam Galal

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