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Mountain language end of the world

Mountain language end of the world

By: 幻枭网络

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In ancient times, the world was originally a chaos, split by Pangu into three mountains, Penglai Mountain floated up and turned into heaven, Buzhou Mountain sank into the underworld, Kunlun Mountain was centered and turned into the human world, and it is called the Three Mountains of Yuanzu.

Unlike the silence of Penglai Mountain and Buzhou Mountain, Kunlun Mountain has chosen to give life to the world. He disperses his own power and turns it into lofty mountains, nurturing life and civilization. In these lives, a small part of them are born to hear the whispers of the mountains and have the ability to communicate with the mountains. They are called whispers. The words of the mountain will also be transformed into entities, participating in the long stream of human civilization.

Xing Luo Dou turns and changes rapidly. The Three Realms began in the Three Mountains and died in the Three Mountains. There is no way to know when the Yuanzu Three Mountains dispute began. People only know that when the great catastrophe comes, whether it is a god or a devil, a demon or a ghost, a hero, or a legend, facing the struggle of the Three Realms, they can only resign themselves to fate. The only choice.

After the great catastrophe, the last days are completely unrecognizable. The heavens of the underworld disappear without a trace, and the remaining human world is nothing more than the shattered corpse of Kunlun Mountain. There is no vitality, only the mountains in their own camp, and living in despair. Survivor of the underworld.

Two hundred and fifty million years later, the end of the world, which is about to reach the end, ushered in a traveler who traveled through time and space. He was a student in a school uniform. He was ordinary and weak, his memory was vague, and he was at a loss for what to do in the end of the world. This seemingly insignificant little human being, in the midst of it, seems to have his own mission.

Because he is the only speaker in this chaotic apocalypse.

[Can you voice? 】

• Game features-mountain anthropomorphic theme

"All the birds are flying high, and the lone cloud goes to idle alone. Looking at each other, there is only Jingting Mountain."

The beautiful words of the ancient literati and literati about the mountains make people wonder. Maybe the mountains are not scenery in their eyes, but more like living people. In "Apocalypse of the Mountain", the player, as a rare "speaker", has the ability to communicate with the mountain, and the words of the mountain will be turned into an entity, using cool and powerful skills to fight side by side with the player.

• Game Features-Mythical World View of the End of the World

The stage of "Mountain Apocalypse" is based on the traditional mythological system of heaven, man and underworld, but the difference is that time is transferred to the distant future. As the only "speaker" who can talk to the mountain in the apocalypse, the player may be able to discover More and more surprising or regrettable past events.

• Game features-core action combat experience

Rebellion, witch time, breaking defense, execution...including many hardcore action experiences.

Unique companion system, unleash the skills of companions, incarnate companions, and even summon companions to assist in battle. The match of the group contract partner, the choice of skills, and a tactical duel with a variety of enemies.

• Game features-multiple levels of difficulty

The game levels are divided into 5 difficulty levels, the highest difficulty up to the soul series game! In different levels of difficulty, the monster’s AI, attack desire, and even moves have been changed, allowing refreshment and challenge to coexist.

•Game Features-City Management

Players will be the lord of the last city of mankind. Through building buildings, managing talents, adjusting laws and regulations, and researching and developing scientific research, the city will shine again in the apocalypse.

• Game Features-Stronghold and Diplomacy

Dozens of strongholds are located on the map IQ, and nearly a hundred stronghold NPCs perform their duties. Players can freely choose to trade with them, accept tasks, or steal intelligence, raise troops and conquer, and play and applaud the land of the end times. .

• Game Features-Troop System

Players can conscript and form their own troops and send them to attack combat missions. Whether it is a difficult task that is difficult to pass the level, or the tedious brushing materials do not want to go to the liver, you can sit and enjoy the results offline!

Mountain language end of the world
Hossam Galal

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